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Pizza 馃崟

Today I鈥檇 like to tell about the special group of young ladies who come back to me each time they celebrate someone鈥檚 birthday. And every single time they order absolutely unique decoration for the cakes, related to the jokes they made with each other :)

This time it was Italian lady who had a birthday, and the cake should have reflected the .... pizza theme

I do not like working with the sugar paste as a material for the decoration. I prefer chocolate. However this was not the proper material for making pizza this time ether, since the ladies asked for the very very realistic one!

So I just made a pizza 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 Well... not exactly the pizza, but the galette)) sweet pizza like looking pie. The red berries coolie was imitating the ketchup, fresh blueberries - olives, mascarpone - mozzarella cheese, and the pineapple - pineapple. No coloring) fresh and tasty

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